Where the streets speak words of art…

Hand me no canvas,
These facades, behold! 
At street corners, comics unfold,
Not all art is framed and bound,
Neither in shackles found, 
Nor encased in any ornate crypt, 
It’s “free”, it’s open, seldom a script, 
Nay, not graffiti by vandals, sprayed,
Characters embrace these walls so frayed,
Rich and poor, all they greet.
They have me stop in the street, 
They catch my admiring eye, 
While another art gallery I walk by…

This poem has been inspired by the street art of Belgium. The idea of the post is to elaborate: just because its not canvas and auctioned at Christie’s, doesn’t take away the artistic qualities. Art is also found on the (outer) walls. Be it comic characters. Another point is that its different from graffiti. Its perhaps commissioned. Most importantly, its open for all to see (as distinct from art displayed at galleries, which have an entry fee). What makes you stop in your path and admire, is art (in this scenario, quite literally)!

© Helina Desai, 2017 (Photographs and written word), with creative inputs from Nazneen Dharamsey. All rights reserved.


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