Buena Familia

On a long large table the Good Family sat,
A day before Friday, it was their last.
Crucified on a cross for the greater good,
Fragments of life as dead as the wood.
Out of the oven, the hot crossed buns,
Plant those seeds out in the sun.
Hush up kids, hear the silence around
Whispers of kindness be the only sound.
A shadow is cast like a spell,
12 apostles towers each with a bell.
The colours that reflect change with time,
Glass remains unshattered in chime.
As strong as a tree branched out,
Holding it together when in doubt.
Blessed by the Holy three,
With the strength to be, the power to see.
The Last Supper of The Holy Family,
The stroke of Da Vinci, stoned by Gaudi.
Brought light upon the eternal soul,
You don’t have to be complete in order to feel whole.
The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci depicts the night before Good Friday.
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain is an incomplete Basilico by architect Antoni Gaudi depicting the crucifixion of Christ.


Stained glass plays an important role in art and Christian history; stories from the Bible recreated in churches the stain on the glass adding character to the light that fall
The pillars of the Sagrada Familia are in the shape of a tree, branched out to hold the structure intact. 
Hot Cross Buns are synonymous with Good Friday, it is also believed that this is a good day to plant seeds and observe fasting and silence for Christ’s suffering before the celebration of Easter Sunday. 
Note: Connect the dots Buena Familia means the Good Family in Spanish
where Good = God in context to Good Friday, a significance of holiness, where Holy = Sagrada.
This poem is an interpretation of Good Friday; through the famous works of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper and Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Both works of art showcase the crucifixion and suffering of Christ. It also interprets the observances on Good Friday and the notion of the modern day family.

©Nazneen Dharamsey, 2017. All rights reserved.

Images of the Sagrada Familia Courtesy Helina Desai.