Renaissance Convention

A convention was being planned for leading European artists by a handful of amateur organisers.

“On a Sunday on La Grande Jatte, perhaps”? Suggested one of them.

“No!” quipped the Thinker. “At the Moulin Rouge!”

But what would be served to the Potato Eaters then? Stacks of Wheat!? They must cater to the Old Masters’ palates. They realised it wouldn’t be easy. They hoped that the convention would be the first of a series of dinners; but feared that if it failed, it would end up being the Last Supper!

They hence called Da Vinci to crack the code,

The guest of honour would be Madonna (and child),

Van Gogh’s presence would certainly make it a starry night!

Michalengo would bring David,

Vermeer, a girl with a pearl earring.

They decided to go Dutch; and invited Rembrandt,

Monet and Renoir would certainly make a good Impression,

Picasso declined. He was going through a Blue Period in his life.

Then they debated on the theme of the convention. Classical? Romanticism? Realism…?

The discussions were endless. If you heard them, you’d Scream.

They imagined the dinner to be like the creation of Adam.

After all, the convention would be a renaissance of sorts!

©Helina Desai, 2016. All rights reserved.


Bonding over art

They say friendship has no bounds; it knows no time, it has no place. There are friendships that last a lifetime, some fade away with time, some reignite over a memory, a moment, a fragmented conversation.

This friendship started in school. Play dates at joggers park soon turned to attending art classes together. It was our first tryst with art. A deeper bond developed over colour schemes and textures. She had a beautiful sense of aesthetics. I was merely finding a form of expression. I soon gave up and found my solace in writing. She continued blossoming with each piece that she created. Then school ended. So did college. Careers took us on different paths. Life happened along with all its atrocities. The once upon everyday play date became an annual birthday attendance.

But life has its own plan. And friendships find their way back with art playing the role of the perfect matchmaker. They met at an exhibition. Then another. And never looked back since. From checking out new artists at Jehangir art gallery post work hours and over weekends to landing up all the way at Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, they found their solace in Picasso’s Guernica at the Reina Sofia. So magnificent is the power of art. It transforms the way we think, live, believe and in this case, the way we find our space in each other’s lives.

©Nazneen Dharamsey, 2016. All rights reserved.

Pictures: From the Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid. Click on pictures to know more about the painting.